Major motor carrier executives and academic specialists have offered the following comments based on their experience with Jim Golden’s Negotiation Counsel Practice at the Scopelitis law firm.

Disclaimer: please note that the negotiation counsel approach may not bear fruit for your company and that any expectation that the same results as reflected in the comments below could be obtained for other scopelitis clients in similar matters, without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case, would be unjustified. All testimonials are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as a promise or guarantee as to the outcome of your specific case.

David R. Parker, Chairman and CEO, Covenant Transportation Group, Inc.

“Jim Golden has negotiated reasonable settlements of our major claims for a long time. He naturally treats injured and grieving people with genuine compassion and dignity. Many companies think they are handling claims in the best possible manner, but Jim takes the process to an entirely different level. The results of Jim’s work include much less litigation, fair settlements and truly significant cost savings.”

James Philbin, Vice President and General Counsel, Maersk, Inc.:

“Jim’s services as Negotiation Counsel have been invaluable to our company.  With his assistance, we have settled a number of serious injury and fatality cases early and very cost-effectively. His exceptional negotiation skill and technique give us the opportunity to treat plaintiffs compassionately while still obtaining the information we need to evaluate and settle the cases in a fair and expeditious manner.  I give Jim my highest endorsement.” “We usually hire Jim soon after an accident occurs. However, we have also used him to quickly and reasonably resolve legal claims that are several years old. He has an unusual ability to prevent or extinguish the fires of conflict.”

In-house Counsel of a Transport Topics “Top-10” Private Motor Carrier:

“When I first heard about Jim Golden’s work, I figured it was nothing more than the empathetic approach that many companies use. But seeing Jim in action in repeated high-dollar claims for our company, I now view his Negotiation Counsel Model as a major advance, with its ability to dive deep and uncover claimants’ key interests, overcome obstacles, and align the parties in support of an early equitable settlement. Jim has a unique way of treating people humanly, negotiating prompt fair settlements and generating sizable cost savings.” “I have watched Jim work hard to treat those aggrieved by tragedy as he would wish to be treated were the roles reversed. His sincere good will and innovative negotiation methods create an environment that enables people to work together to avoid unnecessary post-accident emotional damage while eliminating extensive financial costs.”

Professor Lawrence Susskind, Vice Chair, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Founder, Consensus Building Institute:

“Against long odds, Jim Golden has demonstrated that our legal system does not require all sides to condemn or demonize each other in high stakes personal injury cases. Other people talk about ‘collaborative’ or ‘cooperative’ lawyering, but Jim has figured out how to do it – even when major insurance companies and huge corporations thought it was impossible. I’ve watched Jim reflect systematically on his experience as a settlement specialist. Now he’s in a position to help others achieve satisfying results in a humane fashion.”

Andy Wasynczuk, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School:

“Jim Golden’s Negotiation Counsel Model represents a ground-breaking value-creating approach to early dispute settlement. Although contrary to many of the long-standing industry practices associated with catastrophic claims, Mr. Golden uses a key of intuitive respect and heart-felt concern for the aggrieved parties which unlocks a process that is much more efficient at quantifying and allocating compensatory resources for damages suffered. Every stakeholder stands to gain both economic and psychological benefits—the ultimate win: win.”